• IMLA 2008 (Intuitionistic Modal Logic and Applications)  Workshop  associated with LICS'08 (Logic in Computer Science), June 23, 2008, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Co-organizer and member of programme committee.
  • Contexts and Ontologies 2008, a workshop associated with ECAI-2008, July 21-22, 2008, Patras, Greece. Member of Organization Committee.
  • WOLLIC 2008 (Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation), Edinburgh, Scotland, July 1st-4th, 2008, Member of Programme Committee.
  • Epistemology Meets Logic, Informally, May 31-June 1, 2008, CSLI, Stanford University  (just attended for fun...)
  • Applications of universal algebra and logic to the constraint satisfaction problem, AIM (American Institute of Mathematics), Palo Alto, California, March 31st-April 4th, 2008.
  • DannyFest, a meeting to celebrate Danny Bobrow's   lifetime of  scientific achievements, at PARC, 26th March 2008. Videos and pictures can be found here.

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